Thursday, June 21, 2012

...CAB...Kraze Legz, Tangled Vines and Wild Goose Winery...

....twelfth of many sips...

Straight across Lake Skaha from Blasted Church - in the little village of Kaleden, is the neatest little winery...Kraze Legz Vineyard and Winery. Getting to it is easy, but make sure you slow down in the school zone.

When we were there, Gerry and Sue were just starting out. (We had to open and shut the gate behind us) They had 2 whites and a rose -they were still awaiting the reds.

The artwork on the bottles is pretty cool. Based on prohibition times and the speakeasies, there is a clever key hole framing the label. When you swirl the wine in your glass to add oxygen, the trickle pattern on the glass has been referred to a crazy legs. I love tales like this.

We got a few bottles of the Bees Knees Pinot Blanc and the Speakeasy Rose - next time through, we'll have to try the Merlot Cabernet Franc.

The view from this property was awesome. We could totally pick out Blasted Church across the lake.

From there we traveled through OK Falls and explored on the other side. Tucked in behind the sage and the propane guns, we found Tangled Vines Estate Winery. Three Blancs - Blancs Have More Fun and R3DS - Red, Red, Red were the bottles that we jammed into the back of the almost-bursting truck. There was a really cool gallery set up just off the tasting area with with some great original art.

Across the way, we visited Wild Goose Winery. It was small, but the folks were very friendly - we stayed for a sip or two.....or even three. We decided on the Pinot Gris and the Riesling Stony Slope.

The cool thing about the Okanagan is the vast variety of operations one may come across. There are very large palatial spreads, sustainable enterprises, chic boutiques and these smaller delightful smaller family wineries that are off the beaten track. I very much recommend getting lost in BC various wine areas.

Meatgoddess Recommendations: 

Kraze Legz Vineyard and Winery - Bees Knees Pinot Blanc, Speakeasy Rose
Tangled Vines Estate Winery - Three Blancs, R3DS
Wild Goose Winery - Pinot Gris

Musical Pairings:

Kraze Legz - Bees Knees Pinot Blanc -  Otis Taylor    My Soul's in Louisiana
Tangled Vines Estate Winery - R3DS - Justin Nozuka  Be Back Soon
Wild Goose Winery - Pinot Gris   Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds  When the World Ends

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